Update on Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices Revision

In response to some of the initial comments that we have received on the Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices revision, we are making the following adjustments:
•    A French version of the survey will be available soon. Announcement will be posted on the home page.
•    We will extend the deadline for the preliminary consultation survey to November 30.
•    The front end of the survey will have some additional instructions to help guide users.
•    Website adjustments will be made to reflect these changes by October 6th, 2017.

We hope these additional features and the added time will help the land trust community to engage fully.

Thank you for your participation and engagement!

Save-the-Date for the Standards and Practices Revision

Starting 15 September 2017

The Canadian Land Trust Alliance (CLTA) invites all Canadian Land Trusts to participate in the process of updating the Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices.

The Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices are the ethical and technical guidelines for the responsible operation of land trusts in Canada. In 2005, the CLTA signed a license agreement with the U.S. Land Trust Alliance (LTA) to revise and modify the U.S. Land Trust Standards and Practices, recognizing the unique requirements within the Canadian context while also acknowledging the importance of building a community based on internationally recognized professional standards in conservation.

In early 2017, the LTA released an updated version of the U.S. Land Trust Standards and Practices. The 2017 update reflects the maturing of the conservation community and adjusts aspects of requirements to better reflect practical implementation of the Standards and Practices. The result is a simplification of requirements, reduction of redundancy and streamlining of practices.

In order to maintain consistency in the professional standards of the conservation industry and integrate lessons learned through our Canadian experience with the Standards and Practices, the CLTA, as the official licensee, is pleased to announce the launch of the updating of the Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices. Land trusts across Canada now have the opportunity to make them more relevant to the Canadian context for private land conservation.

Starting on 15 September 2017, land trust members, associated professionals and conservationists across the country will be invited to join together to discuss updates to the Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices.