The Canadian Land Trust Alliance (CLTA) is incorporated since April 2006 and aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of land trusts across Canada.

One of the CLTA’s greatest contributions is the inception of the Canadian Land Trust Standard and Practices in 2005.  The Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices were modified from the 2004 version of the U.S. Land Trust Standards and Practices with the authorization of the Land Trust Alliance, and the CLTA is the only official licensee for the Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices.

CLTA Board Members

Tim Sopuck, Chief Executive Officer, Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation

Karen Cooper, LL.P., Drache Aptowitzer

James W. Brennan, Director of Government Affairs, Ducks Unlimited Canada

Administrative Support

Marie-Michèle Rousseau-Clair, Stewardship Compliance Manager, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Expert Committee

The Expert Committe will be created to focus on revising a subset of the 2017 U.S. practices that need edition to be applicable to the Canadian context. A Call for Applicants will be circulated in early October 2017.